See Why Garranteed Solutions is the Clear Choice

Lexington Law

  • Monthly Fee Cap: No Fee Cap
  • Credit Building Assistance: None
  • Debt Settlement Assistance: None
  • Credit Bureau Disputes: Dispute 2-4 negatives per month.

Garranteed Solutions

  • Monthly Fee Cap: Yes
  • Credit Building Assistance: Yes
  • Debt Settlement Assistance: Yes
  • Credit Bureau Disputes: Dispute all negatives at the same time.

Credit Repair Services FAQ

What makes your credit repair services better than others?

Most credit repair companies only dispute negatives. We help our clients build credit and settle debts as well. On our advantage page you will find a side by side comparison between us and the nation’s largest credit repair company Lexington Law.

Can’t I repair my credit on my own?

You most certainly can. Our founder actually wrote a book that you can download to the right that will tell you some common mistakes you will want to avoid though and we have tons of great information on our credit repair blog. Many of our credit repair clients have the goal of home ownership and do not want to navigate the credit repair process on their own or have tried to fix their credit on their own in the past with poor results.

Why not just payoff collections to increase my credit scores?

While common sense may tell you paying collections will increase your scores or paying collections will result in the accounts being removed from your reports, the truth is the exact opposite. Our blog post on Improperly Settling Debts IS A MUST READ. If you’re serious about properly repairing your credit you owe it to yourself to give us a call at 616-530-4883 and take advantage of our free consult.

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