Our 3 Step Credit Repair Solution


STEP 1 - Positive Credit

Trouble building positive credit? We have the resources to help you no matter what your situation. The result is higher scores and a more positive picture for lenders.

STEP 2 - Address Negatives

Any account that is inaccurate, outdated, unverifiable or incomplete can deleted off your credit reports. The result is cleaner reports and better credit scores.

STEP 3 - Settle Debts

Improperly paying collections may drop your scores (read blog post on settling) Ensure debts are properly settled so your credit increases and your reports enhanced.


 It's not the balances on a collection that lower your credit score. It's the dates that do.

Here's an example: You have a collection from five years ago, perhaps an old medical bill. The balance is $125, and so you figure that paying it off will help your credit. This one-off payment, unfortunately, does not. What ends up happening is that the date refreshes, and every time that happens your credit score drops.

"The credit reporting and scoring system is not as simple as many think" 

 Garr Russell, the founder of Guaranteed Solutions

Detailed Program Breakdown


  • The first step in repairing your credit is to help you add some new positive credit.
  • The goal is to get one installment and one revolving. Don't worry we have the resources and will walk you through this step by step.


  • Next We use the FCRA(Fair Credit Reporting Act) (the government act that regulates the credit reporting world) to validate all the negatives on your reports with all bureaus at the same time. The goal being deletions or leverage. 
  • The FCRA says if an account is  inaccurate, outdated, unverifiable or incomplete we can ask to have it deleted. 
  • Typically about half of the accounts fall into that category. When there are less negative accounts on your reports, as a result of deletions, your score goes up.
  • If it is not deleted, we want leverage (one bureau responds different than the other bureau)
  • Leverage is used for deletions (we use proof that one bureau deleted to demand other bureaus delete) or settling.


  • In the debt settlement portion of our program we use the FDCPA(Fair Debt Collections Practice Act) (the government act that regulates the debt collecting world) to help you negotiate a settlement.
  • We will focus on the debts that need to be settled to get you your loan approved. Not all collections have to be paid.
  • The goal in debt settlement is to help you save money and get the account deleted as part of the settlement agreement.
  • We will make sure the settlement agreement is properly documented and then once paid we will immediately re-validate the account in efforts to get it deleted.


  • CEASE AND DESIST: Creditors calling? Let us know who and we will stop the calls by sending out cease and desist letters on your behalf.
  • TECHNICAL DATA DISPUTE: We will contact all three credit bureaus on your behalf making sure they have the proper name, address, social security number and date of birth on file for you. Many times by removing the inaccurate info the negatives tied to this info will come off as well!!
  • BUDGETING ASSISTANCE: We will help you setup a family budget so you can get back on track and have money once it's time to settle debt's
  • PROGRESS REPORT PORTAL: Your personal portal will track all the progress and communication in realtime as changes are taking place on your reports and scores. No need to login though as anytime we work on your file an email and text update will be sent as well :)
  • REALTOR/LENDER PARTNERS: Not yet partnered with a lender or realtor? No worries. We have been in the business of creating homeowners for over a decade and can connect you with one of our partners once your credit is mortgage ready.
  • BUSINESS CREDIT/FUNDING: Looking to build business credit or get funding? Introducing Garranteed Business Funding. WE have over 20 funding programs available and all the tools in place to help you build a business credit score with Dunn and Bradstreet and Experian Business.

What John Says About Us

"Guaranteed solutions has been great. They almost always available and get back to you in a timely manner. They have explained the whole process and again as we go through it. I recommend them to anyone who is considering their service. Just give it a try."

Fee Breakdown

Our primary goal is to get you to your goal as quick as possible. In that regard, services are available on a monthly basis. You are required to enroll in a credit monitoring service that we will use to track your reports and scores and they improve, the cost $24.95 a month.

The file setup fee of $199 is due 3-10 days after you enroll. Our monthly fee of $149 is due 30 days after.  Our services are then month to month. If we do not have you to your goal in 3 months our fee then drops to $49.99 per month  

What next?

Once you enroll we will get right to work  and setup your client portal. You'll receive email and text alerts every time we are working on your file with all the details.


Garr -hence the name Garranteed Solutions

Garr has several certifications under the CCPA, FCRA, FDCPA and FICO PRO to set himself up as an industry authority. In 2013 Garranteed Solutions got the national title of "Mortgage Approval Experts."  Garr has published two books about credit that can be purchased on amazon.com.

What Tania Says About Us

"My experience with Garranteed Solutions has been nothing short of what I expected, based off of what I've heard. I was referred to this service and I'm enjoying all that's coming my way. I told Garr that I had previously started cleaning up some things on my credit and he advised that his team would help me get to the end of the road. Great service and great staff!"

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How do you get things deleted?

Are you guys good at this?

How long does this take?

Why does paying collections lower my scores?


The three step credit repair solution has has worked hard to create over the last decade is the absolute reason why we have a perfect 5 star google review with almost 100 ratings.

We don't just dispute, dispute, dispute like our competitors lexingtonlaw and others, We help our clients build credit, budget, properly settle debts and cleanup the reports and scores holding you back from your goals.

Still not sure? Give me (Garr) a call now at 616-200-6932 and I will personally review your reports with you before you take another step. 

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