Mixing Business and Personal Expenses On Credit Cards

According to recent reports, as many as 49% of small business owners use personal credit cards for business use. This statistic is alarming for several reasons: First, by using personal credit cards for business purposes, the owner is mixing their personal and business finances and could be compromising the liability protection provided by the corporate [...]

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3 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Credit Score….Quick!

Improve Your Credit Score..... I’m blogging here on the run – gotta run some errands – thought I’d toss some ‘credit repair wisdom’ in your lap.  Credit repair is complex procedure and it takes some time to see results. Lots of variables to consider, things to address and you certainly can’t do expect that to happen [...]

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Credit Repair Services A They Scam? Let’s Find Out

Credit Repair Services Are A Scam According To Experian, Equifax and Transunion Credit repair services are they a scam? I find it interesting on how the Big 3 (Experian, Equifax and Transunion) claim that credit repair services are a scam. Lets dissect this a bit shall we....Now first of all I think its important to [...]

Credit Repair – Garr’s Journey

Credit Repair Story #1 My first credit repair story takes place in 2003. My story is similar to others as I have found that most people are repairing their credit for one of two reasons (they are picking up the pieces after making a series of bad decisions or life happened like an illness, job loss or [...]

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Credit Repair Services in the News

Credit Repair Services and the CFPB While preparing for a  recent meeting with a mortgage lender that had been fed some negative and mostly incorrect information about credit repair services and the credit repair process I ran into several interesting pieces of information I want to pass along. First I wanted to share an interesting article, see below: […]

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5 Overlooked Ways To Improve Your Credit and Qualify For A Lower Mortgage Rate

 Credit Repair Can Be Scary... The idea of getting a home loan straight up scares most people. Not because it’s a loan and you’re borrowing money, but because of a variable rate that lenders give you. A small fractional difference in rate, which might not look much on paper, can cost you in five figures [...]

Credit Repair Services In Grand Rapids Michigan

Credit Repair Grand Rapids If you’re in Grand Rapids Michigan and looking for credit repair services, we are your answer. Our proven three-step solutions is the perfect credit repair solution. Most companies that sell credit repair such as lexington law and sky blue only dispute (a couple of accounts per month dragging the services out for 3-4 times longer than need be) while Garranteed Solutions (who addresses all negatives simultaneously) helps to build credit and settle debts as well. […]

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Credit Repair and Mortgage Lenders-Brokers

Credit Repair and Lenders Credit Repair Working with Mortgage Lenders or Mortgage Brokers As you may have already figured out by reading our other blog post or exploring our website, we here are at Garranteed Solutions are known for creating home owners.  We are proud of the fact that we have built our business around helping families and individuals with credit repair services that result in home ownership. Now we have worked hard to build a reputation of offering honest, ethical credit repair and as a result most of our new clients are referrals from mortgage lenders and mortgage brokers. In this credit repair article I want to talk about why picking the right mortgage lender/broker is an important decision. […]

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Credit Repair and Credit Cards

Credit Repair and Credit Cards I can’t even begin to tell you how many questions me and my staff get’s on a daily basis in regard’s credit repair services and credit cards. As you may already know here at Garranteed Solutions our goal is to help our client’s repair their credit in a way that they are able to get a home loan approved. With the being said positive credit such as credit cards in an important piece to the puzzle. […]

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Credit Repair and Budgeting

Budgeting for credit repair Credit Repair and Budgeting When it comes to budgeting one may think that there are is not much to discuss. You get your check, pay your bills and then take a little extra for fun, savings, etc.  While that is probably the plan of attack for most, I am here to tell you that there are other ways to plan, better ways. No depending on your goals (keep in mind they may change from time to time) you may actually want to structure your budget different ways. There are many opinions and budgeting tools around. Dave Ramsey has a couple different tools (such as the envelope system, my personal favorite), Suze Orman promotes the debt eliminator and expense tracker to name a few. […]

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