Credit Repair with Big Banks or Credit Unions?

Credit Repair and Banking, How do the two relate? You may be thinking what does credit repair have to do with who I decide to have a banking relationship with. Lets take a look at how cred it repair and banking relate and then determine what type of bank would best suit someone who is repairing their credit. As mentioned in the title of this article we are going to be comparing big banks to credit unions. In light of recent proposed debit card fees by big banks and the Move Your Money and Bank Transfer Day movements, now is a great time to compare big banks and credit unions side by side in regards to credit repair. Please know that when I say credit repair I am referring to credit score and report improvement, and maximizing your overall credit profile to ensure you are getting the best interest rates when applying for financing. The connection between credit repair and banking is obvious then, the better the credit score and report the better the terms and conditions you are likely to be offered when applying for financing. […]