Credit Repair Story #1

My first credit repair story takes place in 2003. My story is similar to others as I have found that most people are repairing their credit for one of two reasons (they are picking up the pieces after making a series of bad decisions or life happened like an illness, job loss or divorce and they have recovered financially but their credit still needs work). Well this particular credit repair story takes place after I gave my life to Jesus in December 2003. What I call my BC (before Christ) days included a trail on unpaid bills including (medical, utility, credit cards, etc) and a car repossession.

Garr Russell - Credit Repair Expert and Author

Garr Russell – Credit Repair Expert and Author

I  worked a job where I got laid off for the winter so I decided to focus all my time towards working on repairing my credit. My goal was to buy a home so I went to the library and got a ton of books on credit and how to deal with collectors. I quickly learned that the world of credit is not as common sense you would think it is. I not going to go into much detail on this but real quick: Did you know paying a collection will typically lower your credit scores? Yes it’s true! crazy right? For more details on properly settling debts check out this blog post  Well long story short after a lot of research, tons of time of the phone with creditors and a lot of letters back and forth with the credit bureaus my credit had recovered a little. Yeah that’s right! Sorry to say my credit had only recovered a little bit. It was still quite a while before my credit was mortgage ready. Please keep reading as this blog post does have a happy ending….

Credit Repair Story #2 – I was ripped off by a credit repair company!

As many already know the credit repair industry as a whole has a pretty bad reputation. You’ll be glad to know Garranteed Solutions has an A rating with the BBB and in 2013 won a national award where we were named the “Mortgage Approval Experts” ……….sorry shameless plug. Now as I mentioned above, I was ripped off by a credit repair company. Let me explain. In 2007 my wife and I invested into a credit repair company, long story short we quickly discovered that this credit repair company was not the honest and ethical company we thought it was and as a result we ended up losing our home and having to file bankruptcy. Pretty sad story right? Don’t worry as I mentioned earlier this story truly does have a happy ending.

Credit Repair Story #3 – Let’s give this credit repair thing another shot

So after a lot of research several chats with my wife and a lot of talks with the Man upstairs, we decided to launch Garranteed Solutions. I took my time and got several certifications (FCRA, FDCPA, CCPA and FICO PRO) to name a few. We then put together our three step solution that would focus on helping our clients to get their credit reports and scores mortgage ready. Once everything was in place we launched and one of our first orders of business was to have the local BBB come in and audit all we were doing and saying to make sure we were 100% above board, ethical and honest.On a side note this was not a requirement we just wanted to make sure from the start we were operating with excellence.

I am proud to say we came out with an A rating that we carry to this day over 5 years later. It’s been an awesome journey. We have had several mortgage companies offer to purchase us, we bought out our main competitor, won a national award, been approved by the state of Michigan to teach our classes to realtors for continued education credits, and have published two books on  credit which can by found on

See I told you happy ending. I like to give the credit to Jesus who turned the story of my life around. If your story inst being written the way that gives you peace and purpose hand the pen over to the one who created you as I Garrantee He will ensure your story is written with a happy ending in mind.