Credit Repair and Lenders

Credit Repair Working with Mortgage Lenders or Mortgage Brokers

As you may have already figured out by reading our other blog post or

exploring our website, we here are at Garranteed Solutions are known for creating home owners.  We are proud of the fact that we have built our business around helping families and individuals with credit repair services that result in home ownership.

Now we have worked hard to build a reputation of offering honest, ethical credit repair and as a result most of our new clients are referrals from mortgage lenders and mortgage brokers. In this credit repair article I want to talk about why picking the right mortgage lender/broker is an important decision.

You not only need a credit repair expert, you also need a mortgage lender/broker that can tell you what they need to see in regards to a specific credit score and also what collections need to be paid for the loan to be approved. Most credit repair companies such as lexington law simply do not offer the strategic credit repair services that Garranteed Solutions does and we have yet to meet a company that works side by side with mortgage lenders/brokers like we do.

Credit Repair Takes Teamwork

Credit repair with the goal of a home loan takes teamwork.  Credit repair is not as simple as disputing accounts with the goal of getting them all deleted. Disputing is a valid part of credit repair as credit reports are full of errors and those accounts with errors need to be deleted or updated. Credit repair with the goal of home ownership requires several others steps to be taken though to ensure you reach your goal.

Building positive credit (and different lenders are looking for different amounts of open credit), paying collections (there is a right and worn way to do this) and having a credit repair expert and mortgage lender/broker working side by side with you to ensure your credit ends up in the best possible shape is a must.

Credit Repair = Your Next Home