3 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Credit Score….Quick!

Improve Your Credit Score..... I’m blogging here on the run – gotta run some errands – thought I’d toss some ‘credit repair wisdom’ in your lap.  Credit repair is complex procedure and it takes some time to see results. Lots of variables to consider, things to address and you certainly can’t do expect that to happen [...]

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Credit Repair – Garr’s Journey

Credit Repair Story #1 My first credit repair story takes place in 2003. My story is similar to others as I have found that most people are repairing their credit for one of two reasons (they are picking up the pieces after making a series of bad decisions or life happened like an illness, job loss or [...]

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5 Overlooked Ways To Improve Your Credit and Qualify For A Lower Mortgage Rate

 Credit Repair Can Be Scary... The idea of getting a home loan straight up scares most people. Not because it’s a loan and you’re borrowing money, but because of a variable rate that lenders give you. A small fractional difference in rate, which might not look much on paper, can cost you in five figures [...]