Credit Repair and Budgeting

Budgeting for credit repair Credit Repair and Budgeting When it comes to budgeting one may think that there are is not much to discuss. You get your check, pay your bills and then take a little extra for fun, savings, etc.  While that is probably the plan of attack for most, I am here to tell you that there are other ways to plan, better ways. No depending on your goals (keep in mind they may change from time to time) you may actually want to structure your budget different ways. There are many opinions and budgeting tools around. Dave Ramsey has a couple different tools (such as the envelope system, my personal favorite), Suze Orman promotes the debt eliminator and expense tracker to name a few. […]

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Credit Repair, Debt Settlement and Tax Time

Credit Repair and Tax Time. As many debt collectors and consumers already know tax time is a great time for credit repair. Creditors know that tax time typically brings many consumers a large influx of cash that many wouldn’t normally have on hand and as a result offering much lower settlement offers than usual. Creditors usually aim to settle accounts for about 50-70% but lower their settlement offers to 25-50% around tax time. Credit Repair and Debt Settlement 101 When It comes to taking advantage of this great time of year to settle debts one must consider several things when negotiating settlements and working on credit repair. Keep in mind that credit repair and debt settlement are different in regards to the fact that the focus in debt settlement is on saving you money in settling debts while credit repair is more concerned with your credit reports and credit scores. While the two services can work hand in hand most don’t consider the benefits of both when settling debts. […]

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