Credit Reports and Credit Repair

Credit repair step #1 get your reports Have you ever bought your credit reports and scores online and then went to your bank to apply for a loan only to find the reports and scores your bank pulled were not even close to the ones you just purchased online? We have all seen the commercials encouraging you to go to their website and purchase  your credit reports and scores. I am sure you have seen the one with the dog’s that are shaped like credit scores or better yet the three guys that sing about credit scores and how their quality of life has been effected by their poor scores.  These commercials encourage you to get your reports and review them as are their known to contain errors.  Credit repair may be on the horizon for you. […]

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The Alleged 850 FICO Score

Credit repair not the only answer If I may take a page out of Mint’s Facebook Page “fill in the blanks” for a moment. You are more likely to fill in the blank than to achieve a FICO score of 850. Who is actually scoring FICO 850? Is that even possible? The published score range of the FICO score is 300 to 850. Having said that, the range really isn’t 300 to 850. The range is actually somewhere between 300 and 850. The actual range of the score depends on the variety and generation of FICO score being used to score your credit reports. While credit repair can be a powerful tool to get your score into the high 700’s and above perfect payment history on several accounts is mandatory. […]

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Credit Repair Tip: Not Building or Maintaining Positive Credit

Credit Repair and Positive Credit If you have never had to use credit before, BRAVO! Of course, it’s best to pay cash for the things you need so that you don’t have to worry about credit card payments, loan payments or interest rates. But the chance of you needing credit in the future is very real. Someday you might want to buy a house. Perhaps you’ll want to buy a new car. […]