About Our Company

Garranteed was founded shortly after Garr lost all he had from investing into another credit repair company. Garr and his wife knew credit repair done right would be a valuable service that could help thousands. Garr has worked hard to earn all of his credentials listed below and Garranteed Solutions won a national award in 2013 being named the “Mortgage Approval Experts”.
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  • Mortgage Approval Experts
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What We Do Best

Our job is credit repair and we are the experts! We know what it takes to improve our clients credit. Our proven 3 step solution has literally helped thousands of people across the nation. If your goal is better credit, We Are Your Answer! Call us today at 1-888-330-4883 for your next steps.

Average Deletions: 50%
Consumer Reports with Errors on them: 79%
Garr Russell
Garr RussellCEO & Founder
Garr is truly a credit expert and has certifications under the CDIA, FICO, FCRA, FDCPA, FDIC, NASCO, CCCA and has authored two books on credit to prove it. Garr spends his spare time with his wife and kids, camping or hanging around the house.
Forrest Evans
Forrest EvansSenior Analyst
Forrest has nearly 25 years of management and quality control experience under his belt. He is a graduate of Hope college and plays several instruments including the cello, piano and trumpet.
Jason Pierce
Jason PierceSenior Consultant
Jason ran our competitors company before we bought them out in 2013. He has nearly 15 years experience in lending and credit. Are you a coffee drinker? Jason runs the coffee shop at his church and serves as a deacon as well.
Brian Chisolm
Brian ChisolmBusiness Development
Brian graduated Aquinas in 1988 with a Master of Management and also obtained his Bachelor of Science at GVSU. Before joining team Garranteed Brian spent nearly 30 years in residential and commercial lending. When Brian’s not out creating new relationships he’s serving on the board of various non-profits including: Network 180 and Habitat for Humanity.
Niki Fuentes
Niki FuentesCustomer Service
Niki will be one of the lovely voices you hear when you call our corporate office. She started working with us about 4 years ago and brings all the caring motherly characteristics you would want in a customer service representative. Niki loves to make misc art and crafts and sell them at local craft shows in her spare time.
Tina Russell
Tina RussellCustomer Service
Tina was a customer service manager at a large bank before she started working at Garranteed. Tina works behind the scenes setting up files and putting together processes to keep our level of service and expertise top notch. Tina is a proud mom of two with one on the way (well at least when this was posted).

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