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Credit Repair For A Home
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Let’s get your credit reports and scores where they need to
be for a home loan – Garr Russell Founder

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"Now we can get the house of our dreams thanks to team Garranteed Solutions credit repair program. My wife and I are happy with the results and are now homeowners."

Michael C - Grand Rapids MI

How Does It Work?


1. Build Positive Credit

Trouble building positive credit? We have the resources to help you no matter what your situation. The result is higher scores and a more positive picture for lenders.

2. Cleanup Credit Reports

Any account that is inaccurate, outdated, unverifiable or incomplete can deleted off your credit reports. The result is cleaner reports and better credit scores.

3. Settle Debt’s

Improperly paying collections can drop your scores (read blog post on settling) Ensure debts are properly settled so your credit increases and your home loan is approved.

4. Happy Homeowner

Congrats! Your credit reports and scores are where they need to be, it’s time to start house shopping.

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Debt Settlement Assistance

"I was denied a mortgage then referred to Garranteed. Three months later and I am a homeowner!"

Happy Homeowner - Chakinia R

"Due to financial difficulties, I found myself in bankruptcy and foreclosure. Not only was my self-esteem down, but my credit score also. After years of trying to find ways to rebuild my credit, I seemed to always come to a dead end. That's until a friend of mine started working for a company called Garranteed Solutions."

Germain & Tia - Grand Rapids MI

"Four months ago we couldn't get approved for a home. Within two months of working with Garranteed Solutions we were pre-approved for a mortgage. They really helped us, told us how the credit company's work and got the results we wanted. Thanks for everything."

Shawn G - Grand Rapids MI

"I was shocked when I sat down with one of the credit consultants and learned all the rights I have as a consumer. I was a little skeptical but decided to give them a try. I received my first response from the bureaus and couldn't believe the results. I had 15 deletions including 2 Judgments."

Feliciano S - Hastings MI

"I enrolled with Garranteed Solutions and was able to get preapproved for a mortgage in only two months. I decided to keep working with them and get my scores into the 700's. This company is the real deal they accidently overcharged me, caught the error two months later and called me to let me know they owed me a credit. If they wouldn't have called me I never would have known. Thanks Team Garranteed."

Bruce S - Fowler MI

"Affordable and complete. The company did a thorough and excellent job. I have referred others to them for their work."

Dean N - Gaithersburg MD

"I thought there was no hope of ever owning our own home and within a few very short months helped us turn everything around. Today, thanks to the help/advice we were given, we are proud home owners!!"

Robert B - Muskegon MI

"They turned my credit around in less than one year and my credit was pretty bad. They guided me on things that I could do to build up my credit and maintain it. I was able to qualify for a house!"

Carla D - Holland MI

"I’m sure you’ve heard it all from different companies about what they can do for you. Well I can tell you from personal experience that this maybe the only stop you need when it comes to credit repair. These guys are great at what they do hands down, highly recommended to anyone looking to repair their credit or advice on what they can do to bring up their scores, continue the great service guys!"

Jerry S - Grand Rapids MI

"Garranteed did everything they promised they were easy to work with and gave me step by step instructions on what I needed to do. I was able to buy a home in less than a year. I thought it would be 5 to 7 years before I would have a good enough credit rating. Thank you Garranteed!!"

Randy G - Grand Rapids MI

"Received call from owner, explained my situation to him and he felt that my situation did not require his services. Offered advice on what I could do to help myself out after looking over my credit report. This company is one that I would recommend highly, definitely not trying to just get your money, they really want to help."

Joel D - Grayson GA

"They are very helpful and have great customer service. They explained the process in great detail so there was not shocks through out. The price I paid was reasonable. I would recommend Garranteed Solutions to anyone."

Melissa C - Mason MI

"Now we can get the house of our dreams thanks to team Garranteed Solutions credit repair program. My wife and I are happy with the results and are now homeowners."

Michael C - Grand Rapids MI

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you guys the best choice?
Do your research, most credit repair companies only dispute negatives. We help our clients build credit, clean up reports and settle debts. We know what is needed to get your loan approved whether FHA, VA, RD or Conventional.

Can't I repair my credit on my own?
You most certainly can. Our founder actually wrote a book called Credit Matters that will explain how to properly fix your credit. Typically most individuals we talk to want to get to their goal of home ownership a.s.a.p and don't have the time and energy to deal with the credit repair process on their own or have tried to fix their credit on their own in the past with no results.

Why not just payoff collections to increase my credit scores?
While common sense may tell you paying collections will increase your scores or paying collections will result in the accounts being removed from your reports, the truth is the exact opposite. Since the dates (date opened, date of last activity and date last reported) are what actually drive the credit scores most times paying a collection will simply re-age the accounts and further damage the credit. To add insult to injury this account will also be able to report for another 7 years.

What's up with the name Garranteed anyway?
No it's not a spelling error. Garranteed is actually named after our founder Garr Russell. Check him out on our about us page. He's a great guy with a passion for creating homeowners and is a nationally recognized credit expert and author on two books about credit reports and credit scoring. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, call us at 888-330-4883 or shoot us an email

Avoid These Mistakes

Garr's latest book will explain "5 Common Credit Repair Mistakes" to avoid.

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